Meditation is a wellness practice that takes you to a mental state of thoughtless awareness. In this state, when your mind is calm and quiet, you begin to experience deep and profound peace. This state of awareness is where your inner self connects to the Universal Mind, where you can receive guidance about how to fulfill your highest potential as a human being. Meditation is not about battling your thoughts or emotions, but rather a technique that teaches you to detach yourself from these bothersome operations in your mind so you can observe them with a healthier, non-judgmental perspective. 

PGC's meditation approach is based on an ancient philosophical belief that we are all a part of the Universal Mind – an absolute consciousness that contains the wisdom of all minds that have ever existed, are existing now, or will ever exist. The Universal Mind has many terms used interchangeably: God, Soul, Higher Consciousness, Unified Field, etc. Connecting to the Universal Mind is the birthright that gives us the ability to find answers to the most convoluted questions, receive guidance, discover our purpose in life, and learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life. This practice is our way to access the universe's unlimited power and see beyond the physical world.

Teacher: Natalia [The Happiness Expert] Volkonsky. 

Our weekly meditation classes are theme-based, meaning that there is a specific topic to which we dedicate our practice. Every week we begin with a short discussion that then gently merges into a semi-guided meditation. Please visit our calendar to sign up. The link to join the session will be sent to you 30-60 minutes before the meditation. Please send your request no later than 9.30 AM EST on the day of the practice.

We look forward to meditating with you!

About The PGC

Weekly Meditation

Saturday, July 31st


Manifesting your heart’s desires through visualization.

Visualization is a precursor of all creations. Without even realizing it, we continuously create something. Everything we currently have in our lives was created by our minds. Your physical world is a projection of your internal processes and the vision your hold of yourself. If you are unhappy with your creations, it’s time to adjust your vision. This Saturday morning, we will learn how to utilize a powerful visualization technique and let your dreams manifest in your life effortlessly and fast.

Cost: free (donations are welcome). 

- Your PGC team