Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The field of personal development has experienced a drastic rise in popularity in recent years, prompting the expansion of its approaches, styles, and orientations. Undoubtedly, personal development is a very important process for anyone who wants to discover their potential, take their game to the next level or, to put it simply, achieve success. There are so many opinions out there and it seems like every one of them has a valid and credible solution to help you. In this vastness of choices, how do you select what works for you?  So, before you take off for your indescribably rewarding voyage of self-development, you need to remember the most important thing - personal development is very PERSONAL and it is never about repeating someone else’s steps. Here are some things to consider:


Personal development should be all about you discovering and enabling YOUR own and unique superpowers; it is not about following somebody else’s path. Yes, you have superpowers (plural!) within you and it is your responsibility to unleash them. Personal development is a process of learning about yourself, allowing yourself to explore and determine what YOUR formula of success is. You have to realize that the same way as each of us has a peculiar set of DNA (with the exception of identical twins), the same way we have our own formula for success. There are no two people in the world living exactly the same experiences, therefore everyone will have a different perception of life in general. Success is very subjective, hence, your understanding of it may not match what others think. Do not be afraid to be different or strive towards something that the majority is not approving of. Only you can figure out what makes your soul sing. Remember, others cannot dictate what you should be striving for, no matter how knowledgeable or convincing they sound.


It may seem easier to follow a path that has already been paved by someone, hoping it will lead you to the life that you want. Of course, if you already know unequivocally what you want, then following someone as your role model is a wise thing to do. However, when you are trying to repeat somebody else’s achievements merely because you think it will make you happy in the end, then you are setting yourself for failure. Remarkable achievements do not lead to success, they become attributes of following your own path. Thinking that some trophies determine whether you are a successful person or not is only an illusion that many fall for because trophies do not guarantee the feeling of accomplishment. You may have every award possible and still feel empty inside. This is why it is so important to follow your own path! Remember, paving your own path is a secret ingredient of success you are seeking. It may sound cliché, but the journey towards the reward is more valuable than the reward itself.


It does not matter how tempting or lucrative somebody else’s ideas may sound, if they are not your true desires, they will never fulfill you. You will be moving from one accomplishment to another, hopping in hopes that the next destination will bring what you want, but you will continue to feel empty. You may start filling the void by burying yourself with work, buying material objects you do not need, or spending time with people you do not like. Chasing after somebody else’s success will never make you happy; however, it is never too late to find your own path.


The reward we are all longing for lies in the process of moving towards your sincere desire or, as Earl Nightingale once put it "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal." It is not about getting the sculpture, it is about molding the clay; it is not about an executive title, it is about working your way up the ranks; it is not about having a sum of money, it is about earning it by doing something you love; it is not about being married, it is about connecting with someone special… It is the r