Updated: Sep 28, 2020

My friend called the other day and asked me what I was doing. I responded: “Placing an order”. “With Amazon?”, she asked, assuming I was ordering those planting pots she’d suggested the other day. She and I were looking for new and creative ways to entertain ourselves during the quarantine and we both decided to try on gardening. We had been discussing this idea for years, but neither of us ever had time to actually do it. We were so busy with our responsibilities and duties, that we simply ran out of time to put some seeds in the soil. Well, if only gardening was concluded at “putting seeds in the soil, we would all be having flourishing gardens full of our favorite greens, fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, and fragrant flowers. Those of you, whoever tried planting anything at all in their lives know that gardening requires a prolong care, patience, attention, dedication, and kindness if you want to see thriving results of your venture in horticulture. However, after weeks of isolation, we were now running out of ideas to fill in all this time we had, so my friend and I decided to develop and master our gardening skills.

“No”, I answered, “I’m placing an order with the Universe”.

Silence. Perhaps, confusion too. Of course, my friend knows my occupation and my life-long dedication to studying, applying, and teaching the laws of the Universe to achieve success, but her confusion was around the fact that I had to carve out a specific time to submit my order. My friend, just like many of my clients, assumes that when working on our wishes, desires, dreams, goals – whatever you call it – the spiritual organization is an arbitrary process and the most important thing that you need to utilize is your hard work. First, hard work, in my opinion, is either our way of proving that we are worthy of whatever you are working on or we simply dislike whatever we are working on. Second, having your desires actualized is as easy as gardening, but you need to know the rules of spiritual manifestation and follow these steps:

1) PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH THE UNIVERSE (aka Spiritual Organization)

This step may be the most important step in the entire field of personal development. Here we identify what we want to achieve and submit our request to the responsible party - the Universe. To those of you who are crystal clear about your desires – congratulations, you are way ahead of the majority of people. However, the prevailing part of people has no idea what they want. They may know for sure what they do not want – I do NOT want to be poor, fight with my wife, have disobedient children, work for an idiot boss, etc., but they have difficulty voicing that what they want. For that very reason, one-third of Personal Growth Consulting philosophy is fully dedicated to self-discovery, because you need to be concrete about what you want if you want to achieve success in your life. So, find 20-30 minutes in your schedule, pen and paper, and perform some mental organization. Think about what you want to have, be, and do in 5 years. Be as specific and creative as you can. Do not hold yourself back, Universe can deliver anything to your door. It is like Amazon, but free and has way more options. Let your imagination run wild when you are placing your order in, consider what you wanted as a kid, what excited you then and continues to spark your interest now? How do you want your future you to talk, walk, and dress? What about your attitude and your surroundings? What kind of work do you want to do, if any at all? How many cars, yachts, houses do you want to own? Who are the people in your life?

Did you think of everything you want? Did you write it down? Good.

Remember, there is absolutely no limit to what we can ask for, our Universe is able to accommodate and deliver all our orders. But you need to place them first!!!


You really need to grasp the concept behind this step: your order always gets delivered. Always, without any exception. However, it rarely comes in one piece as the end result of what you requested. Most likely, you will get your order in the form of a seed that you will have to kindly and patiently nurture it to a full-blown outcome.

For example: If you wish to build a successful business, that seed I was referring to, can be delivered to you as a thought about what next step you need to take. If you tend to this thought and continue to cherish it, you will begin attracting more and more useful thoughts on how to build your empire.


When your idea of starting enterprise sprouts and begins growing, it is important to continue taking care of it. Water it regularly, spend time with it and make sure it gets just enough of sunlight. For your idea to grow, you will need to pay close attention to its development. Spend at least 30 minutes every day contemplating the details of your future business, the people you want to partner with, your clients, and employees you will hire. Think about its physical location, if you are planning on getting one, any legal documentation, or contracts. Brainstorm about how you could best deliver your product, or maybe even ways to improve it. In this stage, you have to let your imagination get as big and diverse and possible. Fantasize, research, dream, pretend, make some calls, and act like you are already running your successful business.

It is also important to keep all the weeds away from your creation. Here I am referring to your negative thinking, doubts, self-criticism, fear, and worries. These parasites will ruin your still fragile idea in a blink of an eye. Another tendency that can preclude your garden from flourishing is thinking about the means of achieving your goals. Do not worry about it, you placed the order with the Universe and the right tools will be delivered to you at the right time. Your job is to tend to your garden. Little by little, your ideas, network, opportunities, interactions, possibilities begin to grow. The Universe delivers you the right seed - a thought - and your job is to accept that seed and plant it in the fertile soil and let it sprout.