The PGC Self-Worth Assessment

Updated: Aug 31

"There is no value judgment more important, no factor more decisive in your psychological development and motivation, than the judgment you pass on yourself."

- Nathaniel Branden, "Self-Esteem At Work"

Self-worth significantly impacts your thinking processes, emotions, desires, values, goals, and perception. Therefore, it is the single most illuminating key to your behavior. Moreover, a healthy sense of self-worth is essential to your growth and fulfillment.

Because how you see yourself, evaluate yourself, and feel about yourself, determines the direction of your actions which, in turn, comprises the quality of life you are living.

When self-worth is high, your actions are geared towards the life you want rather than away from it, treating facts with respect rather than denial, and operating self-responsibly rather than irresponsibly.

For example, if you suffer some setbacks in life - the business suffers, the relationships fail, you lose your job, the people you trust betray you, you receive bad news from your doctor, etc. - but you face that defeat with a high sense of self-worth, you tend to manifest resilience. This means you master to pick yourself up and get back in the saddle.

Self-worth exists on a spectrum, meaning that no one entirely lacks in self-worth, and no one is without the capacity to grow in self-worth; it is always a matter of degree. Luckily, raising your self-worth is an act of choice, but you need to know where you stand first.

This test is designed to evaluate your general level of self-worth and provide you with valuable recommendations for future actions. Take this self-worth test to find out how you truly value yourself.

After finishing this test, you will receive a FREE snapshot report with a summary evaluation and suggestions for improvement. You will then have the option to schedule a 15 minutes session with Natalia Volkonsky to discuss your results in more detail.

Thank you!

- Natalia Volkonsky

Founder of Personal Growth Consulting