THE SOCIAL MIND VS THE UNIVERSAL MIND: How to Rise Up Above the Maze of Limitations

Updated: Mar 2

One of my main missions as a Happiness Expert and a founder of Personal Growth Consulting is to help people get rid of their herd mentality and accept the inexhaustible wisdom of their inner being. I am not going to get into explaining why listening to your inner being is important since I’ve already written numerous articles on this topic (please refer to 6 REASONS WHY WE DON'T FOLLOW OUR HEARTS AND HOW TO CHANGE THAT), but I will mention that the only way you obtain true freedom, love, happiness, and success in this life is by being authentic and this begins with understanding who you are.

Most of us have formed some ideas of who we are. When asked, we can promptly reply by providing the titles of our professional occupation (I am a lawyer or a doctor), or a marital status (I am a husband or a widow or a fiancé), or organization we belong to (I am a student or a volunteer), etc. All these are just social labels that we acquire throughout life. But have you ever asked yourself this:

Who am I underneath all these labels?

We all came into this world with a purpose to contribute to the expansion of our universe. When we emerged from the pure divine energy that carries multiple names – God, love, source, creator, universe, etc. - we were given unlimited access to the universal mind, that has answers to all questions.

The universal mind is a higher consciousness that contains all thoughts

that have ever and will ever be thought, all solutions that have ever

and will ever be created, manifestations of all desires that have ever

and will ever exist, and all possible life scenarios that you,

and anyone who has ever lived and will ever live can have.

As we began to occupy this planet in the form of humans, we also established a system of norms and regulations that we refer to as a society. Sadly, we got so absorbed in living our human and social lives that we completely forgot about our purpose and that we have access to the universal mind. Many of us got so caught up in our daily routine of complaining about life, worrying, doubting, feeling insecure, and burying ourselves under a pile of ridiculous excuses that we no longer contribute to the expansion of this universe. We are just recreating the same scenario over and over again. We forgot how powerful and creative we could be when we connect to the Universal Mind, and instead, we are just using our social mind and fighting for survival. However, only in a brief moment of distancing ourselves from playing our social roles, you may still wonder:

Who am I beyond this label that was assigned to me by society?

If you ever wondered about it, you are not the only one. As humans become more awakened and move closer to understanding their purpose in this universe, the more we question whether this is all there is to life. And the more we ask this question, the more stiff, inflexible, and uncomfortable our position in life becomes. In this sense, the beliefs and perceptions that helped you build the worldview you are now living in are beginning to feel like a maze, a very limiting maze. Sure, not too long ago, probably right before you had tasted the bitterness of adulthood, the world seemed like an infinite field of possibilities and opportunities, you were showered with the vastness of exciting experiences, and you were riding a high wave of life in the absence of any doubt that all your ambitious dreams will manifest. But then, little by little, society tamed your enthusiasm and yielded you a life that we like to call reality [heavy sigh].

The social mind – a system of beliefs, traditions,

rules, and expectations, that

dictates how you should be living your life.

This reality that our society perpetuates is no less than a maze of limitations. In this so-called reality, you become so limited in your abilities that you have no other option than to conform. Your big dreams, despite the inspiration and passion, become irrelevant, and, sadly, even if you try hard, you may never escape the walls of this maze. Now that you have become a part of society, you have adopted the social mind – a system of beliefs, traditions, rules, and expectations that dictates how you should be living your life. The social mind is designed to remind you about all your mistakes, trigger your insecurities, and wrap you with your own fears that will constrict your attempts to live abundantly. It tells you what job you should have, what house you should buy, how many children you should have, how you should raise them, what kind of car you should drive, where you should go on vacation, what you should wear, and even how you should behave. This society got all these questions figured out for you, and all you got left to do is to follow obediently. The social mind believes that your dreams are unattainable, life is unfair, and people like you will never succeed.

Even if we do everything right by social standards,

we will always have a sense of emptiness inside

because we are not letting our inner being

reconnect with the universal mind.

It doesn't matter how tragic the description above may sound, but this lifestyle suits most people. They are getting dosed out by participating in the game of life where they are expected to work hard and serve diligently. Then, of course, there is that long-awaited sense of gratification that comes to those who suffered the most. Society loves to glorify their struggle and even mandates it discreetly if you want to be accepted in certain groups. Think about it: if you described your effortless and beautiful life in those college application essays, you wouldn't get accepted to any college because only those who showcase their painful battles get rewarded.

The social mind is manipulative, restrictive, and judging. However, even if we do everything right by social standards, we will always feel the emptiness inside because we do not let our inner being reconnect with the universal mind. Our inner being knows there is true freedom, love, pure serenity that we undeniably deserve. Something that your social mind can't comprehend but will do anything to undermine the urges of your inner being to break free from the deception. When your inner being reconnects with the universal mind, it can create anything you desire - abundance, relationship, or experiences - no matter what situation you are in. You may be flat broke and homeless, but you will create a flourishing life for yourself by accessing the universal mind. The universal mind will activate an exceptional vision within you that will guide you to the life you want. Just like cats can see in the dark because of the high number of rods in their retina that are sensitive to dim light, the same way you will begin moving through the walls of the maze that the social mind is keeping you in. One of the greatest authors in the realm of spirituality, Uell Andersen, could not have been more accurate when he wrote:

Nothing is impossible to the human mind when the lock is removed.

How to reconnect with the universal mind?

The universal mind is not something you will connect to instantaneously if you have always been on a short leash of our society, but nothing is impossible. Below are three easy steps that will get you to reconnect with the powerful and creative universal mind:

Step 1. Understand what the universal mind is. Your social mind won't let you accept something intangible and that what doesn't have a practical use in everyday life. It will argue that if the universal mind were real, society would have known about it already. Well, many people do know about it and build beautiful lives for themselves and others. I highly advise you to read books or listen to the following pioneers: Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Vadim Zeland, or Uell Andersen.

Step 2. Accept and Remember that you are a part of the universal mind; you are the perpetual contributor, but only an occasional user. What do I mean by that? You see, all your wishes, accomplishments, thoughts, and ideas get automatically deposited into the universal mind (and everyone else's, for that matter). However, we only occasionally get to reconnect with the universal mind. We often forget we have access to it and continue to seek solutions in our social mind. When in grad school, I signed up for a library card at the Library of Congress and was so sure I would use it at least twice a month. I used it once in 2 years. I simply forgot I had free access to one of the most significant treasures of this planet. Accept you have access to the universal mind and remember to use your membership.

Step 3. Connect to the universal mind. Here is a list of do's and dont's that indicate whether you are being connected or disconnected to the powerful energy.

Do's: Meditation, love, joy, positive thinking, fresh air, fresh food, exercise (yoga is my favorite), doing things that you love. Spending time with people who uplift and respect you, cheer for you, inspire you, and are genuinely happy for you. Expressing gratitude for all you have and yet to come.

Dont's: Work hard, stress, people that undermine you or see you as less than who you are, negative thinking (and people who exhibit it), staying indoors all the time, social media and binge-watching TV shows, junk food, excuses, complaining, any drugs or alcohol, or pretty much anything that can mask your natural state (the universal mind has remedies to all that pain you are trying to mask with drugs).

Thank you!

P.S. Universal mind and social mind are new concepts that I will explore deeper in my upcoming book "Entitled to Success" (to pre-order, please contact us at

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