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Analyzing how worthy you feel about yourself

One of the biggest roadblocks to accomplishing our heart's desires is our subconscious belief that we don't deserve them. It becomes incredibly difficult to manifest what you want when self-worth is low because we think we need to pay the price to get it. On the contrary, when your self-worth is high, your dreams come true to you fast and effortlessly. By completing this test, you will find out how deserving you feel about getting what you want. 

The first step to creating the Ideal You

While our habits decide our future, our character originates those habits. Moreover, our character is a combination of the qualities we choose to express. Selecting our qualities consciously and deliberately will help you build the character that develops healthy and constructive habits, hence, succeed in life. This worksheet is a great tool that identifies and enables the qualities you need for your ideal character. Learn more.

Mapping out your life's progression

The only way of living an authentic and fulfilling life is to move in the direction of what you want. In order to achieve this, two things need to happen: 1) you need to identify your goals (desires) and 2) you need to make sure these are genuinely your goals and not your parents', friends', co-workers', etc. This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts and select the goals that you want to achieve.

Maintaining strong relationship with your goals

 We cannot achieve our goals without committing to the process. Commitment is NOT an obligation—something we do because we “should” or “have to.” Commitment IS a choice, dedication, investment—something we are determined to do because we are motivated by genuine desire. This worksheet will help you stay committed to your goals. 

Do you feel like a fraud?

Impostor syndrome - the idea that you've only succeeded due to luck and not because of your talent or qualifications. This phenomenon can impact people's ability to lead effectively. Researchers Clance and Imes first coined the impostor syndrome in 1978. They determined that despite having adequate external evidence of accomplishments, people with the impostor syndrome remained convinced that they didn't deserve their success. Although these feelings are common in both genders, impostor syndrome is more prevalent in women.

Assess your level of personal development

This step is a prerequisite for all new clients. However, you can easily use this tool to assess your level of personal development, even if you are not ready to start working with a coach. To learn more about our coaching process, please click here.

Enjoy our collection of previous meditation sessions

Meditation is a wellness practice that takes you to a mental state of thoughtless awareness. In this state, when your mind is calm and quiet, you begin to experience deep and profound peace. This state of awareness is where your inner self connects to the Universal Mind, where you can receive guidance about how to fulfill your highest potential as a human being. 

Selection of our recommendations for everyday use

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