PGC is determined to guide you to the excellence and greatness that exists within you and, through self-discovery, self-worth, and consistency we will

help you realize and achieve your full potential.

It does not matter how far you are from the place you want to be. If you already made your decision to go there – consider yourself halfway there!

You are mostly in a state of uncertainty. You feel that there might be better opportunities, but you are either consumed with fear to explore or doubtful about the possibility of ever-improving your current situation.

Do not worry, most people reside in this stage. PGC will help you explore your true desires, your passion, and your purpose in life.



You have a dream that you carry in your heart, but you lack the courage or confidence to execute it. You may be thinking that you do not have the right skills or resources, won’t be able to gain support or clients, or will be laughed at when you unveil your plans.

All these beliefs are very common and often serve as the main obstacle towards the realization of your dreams.

PGC will work with you to identify and design the most effective and efficient path for you to achieve your goals.



You have clearly identified your goals but find it difficult to attain them. Your focus often goes astray, your vision gets clouded, and you lose sight of your destination. You waste a lot of time and energy rerouting your voyage, rebuilding your crew, and dealing with challenges you were not prepared for. Although it is all about the journey, it is also not ideal for you to forever be wandering in the sea.

PGC will work with you to gain clarity in your endeavors, obtaining the right tools, and safely reach the destination.  



You have successfully led numerous expeditions but now you realize that you can no longer apply the same tools and skills to reach for new horizons. Even the strongest of us need help with achieving their goals. In fact, PGC believes that true strength is presented in the ability to recognize that one may require additional help.

PGC will help you to rediscover your greatness, realign with your inner power, and set you up for another successful journey. Your possibilities to create are unlimited, and every captain may require a refresher.